Privacy Policy

Although TWPG would like to publish all information in regard to investigations on our web site, we completely understand the wants and/or needs of the client. TWPG will not disclose full names or addresses without signed consent of the client. The client will have the opportunity to obtain copies of all evidence found. All evidence is property of TWPG however the origins of said evidence will remain confidental if the client deems it necessary. We are here to not only find answers for ourselves, but to also help the client in any way possible. And if that requires us to keep information private in any degree... we will gladly do so.


If you are in need of any assistance, please feel free to email us at:

**Please note that we respond to every email in reference to inquiries. There have been reports that some emails have not gone through, or arrive much later than what is deemed appropriate. From what we know, this has only occurred twice, but we can not tell how many more (if any) are floating in the cyber abyss.

If we do not respond to your inquiry within 2 days, please resend the email. We never ignore client requests. Thank you.