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The Olde Country Store

The Davis House 2017

The Davis House 2017-2

The Davis House 2017-3

Residentials (43)


Undisclosed Location

1812 Hotel  

Undisclosed Location

Andover Sanitarium



Wayland Historical Society 

Derby's Grill

Ervin and Leola's apartment

Cohocton Historical Society - Crosby Building

Cohocton Development Corporation

Davis House

Larrowe House



The Davis House

The Davis House part 2

The Davis House part 3



The Fillmore Hotel

Larrowe Home - investigation #2

Old Factory - investigation #2


Old Factory - Ontario County

Larrowe Home - Cohocton Historical building

The Naples Hotel

Commercial Building

Sons of Italy

Sons of Italy investigation 2

Auditorium Theater

Earlier than 2012:

The site of the Wayland train accident

Buffalo Naval Park

USS The Sullivans


Sach's Bridge

Shanley Hotel

1812 Hotel

Durand Eastman Park

Jennie Wade House

Gettysburg Train Museum


BF Bungalow

There were a few other public places and residentials that we did investigate within the years past, however we lost all the information on Rolling Hills asylum, the Stone Cross and Bath VA cemetary due to a major computer malfunction. There were also two residentials in Dansville and Wayland that were lost as well. Hopefully soon TWPG can revisit these locales and get some new and current evidence to report.