Wayland Paranormal

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Wayland historical society

Summer 2015

Investigated 7/11/2015 and 8/22/2015

Investigators on site: Jennifer, Tracy, Tim along with Sandy as the observer

Claims of activity: Lantern hanging from the ceiling will swing for no apparent reason

Shadows and human figures seen


Throughout the investigations we did here, we had feelings of being “crowded”, as if we were surrounded by many spirits who were inching closer and watching. There was never a feeling of anything negative here, just crowded.

We heard footsteps, and saw many shadows.

Being filled with artifacts really lends to the environment. This location definitely justifies further investigations.

Some history of the location; There used to be an old jail that stood on this site, about the area where the kitchen area is set up now. They held many people here, including Mary Hess, who was arrested because she killed her brother and neighbor. This was a holding site until they could be transported to Bath, NY.

wayland paranormal

There was an incident where an investigator was touched on the arm and it resulted in marks left on the skin. This occurred in the old jail area. The audio of the event is fully documented. This was not frightening in any way nor did we feel threatened. We do not view this event as malicious or negative in any way, we agree as a group that this spirit reached out and the resulting marks were from raw energy. We also obtained an EVP that said “ I did it” when asked the question of who did it.

REM pod

In this clip, we were trying to get the spirits to use the REM pod to communicate. One of us said it was too hard to do, the spirit said otherwise.

wayland paranormal

Loud Bang

We heard a lot of loud bangs throughout our time investigating. This one was the loudest. We could not find the source of it nor did we see anything out of place.


The spirits are speaking...

are you listening?