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undisclosed location

November 5, 2016

Investigators on site: Jennifer, Tracy and Tim along with the client as a guest

This is a case that we have worked before, and we were called back due to new activity.

New claims of activity:

• An old fashioned perfume smell

• The sound of high heels walking upstairs

• Mysterious light in the upstairs window viewed from outside

We did not obtain as much communication this time around as we did the first. We theorize that this is because the messages were relayed successfully the first time, and that their requests were heard, and the processes of improvement were underway.

There was some interaction on the SLS X-cam between the client and the spirit. (footage not present for privacy purposes)

We could feel the energy of some presences there, and obtained a few interesting things.


This was a loud voice from the upstairs 'big room'.


In this clip, you'll hear us talking as we are about to leave the upstairs area, then there is a woman that says "bye".

When strong effort is put forth

energy is always left behind