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Undisclosed location

August 13, 2016

Investigators on site: Jennifer, Tracy and Tim along with 2 observers


• Heavy bang on the floor as if a chair was thrown

• Doors shut on their own

• Footsteps

• Seeing a tall figure lurking in the doorways

• Hearing music

• Dragging sounds from upstairs

• Hearing whispering in the stairwell

During the walkthrough, the client showed us where the voices were heard in the stairwell. She then proceeded to give us a tour of the building where she randomly said “and here is the furnace…” We did not think much about that particular comment until we started to set up.

(To protect the identity of the location, I am going to describe what happened and omit the audio of the occurrence.)

We were setting up in that area close to the stairwell, when both Jennifer and Tim started hearing whispering voices. It was both a male and a female, which is the same as the client’s claim. From the initial sound of it, it sounded like voices outside. However, it was down pouring at the time, and a quick check of the premises showed no people were outside of the building. The voices were muffled the majority of the time, just indiscernible, but one sentence fragment was clear. That of a woman saying “and here is the furnace”. That alone was perplexing to all of us. We thought we could debunk this claim as being people outside talking, but for one, we did not see anyone out there and for two, the odds of a sentence like that…one that mimicked what the client JUST said to us not 15 minutes prior…has us all scratching our heads still.

Jennifer did see a tall figure duck through a doorway, she pursued it, but there was no one to be found. No sounds were heard either.


We believe that we were able to figure out (via EVP and device manipulation) exactly what the spirits wanted the clients to know. We have many more clips that prove this theory, but due to confidentiality, we cannot publish them as there are sensitive details enclosed. We discussed the issues at hand with the clients, and they understood the messages clearly and will begin to take action to remedy the situation. In the mean time, activity at this location has quieted right down. No footsteps, just the occasional viewing of the tall figure in the doorway.

Where's Bob

In this clip, we hear “where’s Bob?’ followed by a passing car (car is not paranormal) and then some distinct footsteps. This room was empty and we were not even on this floor at the time.

Footsteps, voices and knocks

Footsteps, voices and knocks from an empty floor.

When are you guys going to care?

A passionate male voice saying “when are you guys going to care?”

Sometimes the spirits still care

about what happens to their work