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The olde country store

North Cohocton, NY

October 14, 2017

Investigators on site: Jennifer, Tracy and Tim along with Denise and Jenny


The Olde Country Store and More – 1849 is a journey back to your sweetest memories with over 350 candies, a large selection of local crafts & goods and our Olde World twist of original glass ornaments and authentic German treats to tease your pallets. Located on the crossroads to Naples, Wayland and Cohocton, in the Green Heart of the Finger Lakes.  (Copied from their Facebook page)

The original structure was built in 1849 by Nelson Wetmore. It was rebuilt to the current structure in 1873 after an apparent fire.

Not only was this a store throughout the entire time, but the upstairs was used for many different purposes and activities such as; church groups, political meetings, plays, concerts, roller-skating, lectures, dances, ice cream socials, dinners, holiday celebrations, meeting for civil war veterans, and festival.

Currently, The Olde Country store operates in the same fashion. Store on the first floor and annual activities upstairs.

Through the evening, we got most of our responses and activity in the upstairs ball room area. Many EVP responses, shadows and movement seen. At one point we all heard what sounded like someone or something circling the room in a fast rapid but smooth motion. Although it was loud enough to be heard and felt by all of us, it did not record on any of our audio devices.

We did get an answer to the question of “How many people are up here with us?” and the answer stated 34. We heard it clear as day the time of real time playback, but it has since faded out so it is no longer able to be heard. Another case of disappearing EVP’s.

We also noticed that we got a lot of response when we addressed the Henry Wolfanger era of the store, and when it changed hands to Charles Briglin. This is a topic for further exploration on our next investigation. The energy of the room would change, and movement and sounds would occur.

We have some SLS camera footage that we will post on our facebook page.


How old are you? 92




Rhythmic Tapping

This was recorded in the basement, and there is no discernable natural source. The clients have never heard that before and could not figure out the source.








Do Not Say








Where the patrons and the guests...

still arrive for the activities