The Davis House

Circa 1811

Cohocton, NY

July 5, 2014

Investigators on site: Jennifer, Tracy and Tim along with guests, Ronda, Steve, Brad and Bri

Claims of activity:

A brief history of this home, there is so much to share it is difficult to condense.
This home was built in 1811 by Daniel H. Davis. Daniel Davis was the first lawyer in the Cohocton Village. He was also the local postmaster from 1844-1845. He also ran a lumber yard in Canandaigua, a general store, and he was co-proprietor of a brewery. He was also a Major in the local militia.

Helen M. Davis married Hamilton Rosenkrans, which is how these two families merged. Joseph Rosenkrans Jr was a well know thief of the area and was even reported to hide some of his “loot” and even hide himself at times, within the Davis House. Hamilton Rosenkrans was Joe’s nephew.

Melvin Davis Andrews was the last family owner of this home. No one has lived in this house since 1920.

It has been a stage coach stop, and is now a very wonderful antique store.

We had some very interesting events occur on this night. Our REM pod acted in a way that it never has before. It was beeping as if it was a heartbeat and every time someone got closer to it, it would speed up. We tested this several times before it stopped. It was remarkable.

We heard a huge thud upstairs while everyone was downstairs. Nothing appeared to be out of place upon investigation.

We kept hearing the sound of a small bell throughout the night. We finally were able to find the source, although how it kept ringing is still a mystery.

Davis House

Equipment malfunctions also occurred. The static cameras went out for a minute, Jennifer’s static audio went out, Tracy’s static audio went out and Ronda’s camera malfunctioned. No explanation to explain why.  

In this clip, as we are walking, we captured a voice on our static recorder that either says "get out" or "get Alex" we are unsure which.

After the question is posed, we hear a faint "help me"

Heavy footsteps in the attic

We were all upstairs and we hear a really loud snap from down in the main room downstairs. Nothing was out of place when we went down to look.


This is definitely an ongoing case for us.