The Davis House - part 3

Cohocton NY

October 4, 2014

Investigators on site: Jennifer, Tracy and Tim

This time around, a couple of group members opted to go solo for about an hour to see if activity would be different if there was only one person on site.
Jennifer took the first round, and Tracy took the second and then all three of us resumed a normal investigation after that point.

Jennifer had no results during her session, no EVP’s and the only thing she heard was a couple of footsteps from upstairs when she was downstairs. The only thing she reported was that while she was upstairs in the hallway, all she could think about was the fact that she wanted to be downstairs and basically anywhere other than up there. A strange feeling that was never present before, regardless of the fact that she has been upstairs alone a couple times prior.

Tracy heard what she perceived as the chattering sounds that raccoons make. The she reported hearing a cough. We did not catch that on audio however. She also felt the urge NOT to be upstairs.

This clip…Tracy was discussing what she heard during her session, and we hear what sounds like a man, very distant but yelling something.

When we investigate, it is important to remember that you really can never know how a spirit sees you. In this clip, Jennifer was asking some questions about Joe, and she took the time to explain that we were not police or authority of any kind, so we were not in pursuit of him. As she explains this, she pauses and then says ‘ok’, and what sounds like a male’s voice also says “ok” at the same time as she did.