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The Davis house - Findings during 2015

Cohocton, NY

Claims at this location include:

– Eerie feelings in certain rooms, some people feel physically ill

– Hearing a dog roaming around and barking, can hear and feel it jump onto things

– An antique push cart sweeper (yeah, I had to be shown what this was too), the handle would move to tap the wall, and then change direction and fall to the floor. It was witnessed as it happened

– Several people felt like they were pushed while on the stairs

– One room has an unexplained blood stain on the floor, and the room has an unusual and unexplainable heaviness to it.

– Christmas decorations turn themselves on

– Tools have been moved

– Candelabra shattered on its own

– People have seen what resembles heat waves in various rooms

– Feelings of being watched

Throughout our time investigating this house, we focused on a few different scenarios.

• the rumor of a murder

• Joseph Rosenkrans Jr.

There were a couple of personal experiences that were not captured on audio or video.

One was that Tim and Ronda both saw a white apparition in the doorway of what is called the “murder room”. They did not realize what they were looking at until it moved and then disappeared.

Another was as the group was conducting an EVP session upstairs; everyone heard what appeared to be others having a conversation with one another. Nothing could be understood, but there were clear vocal tones.

We have obtained some very interesting audio clips during the 2015 year;

In this clip, we hear a male voice say; "all that will be mine"



While we were investigating upstairs, there was a loud snap downstairs. Upon review, nothing was moved or disturbed