Old Factory

Ontario County NY

Investigators on site: Jennifer, Tim, Tracy, Scott and Morgan


We were given the opportunity to investigate an old closed down factory. We decided to keep is as an undisclosed location for a courtesy to the current owner.

We do not know of any claims of paranormal activity here, but we decided to investigate the place anyway.

We obtained some really interesting interactions with the spirit box ITC sessions.
Here is some of what we found:

Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) using the spirit box:

In this clip, Jennifer is trying to establish some communication, and gets a very intelligent and timely response:


In this clip, Scott asks a question and we do receive an answer, but we can not distinguish what it says.


In this clip, Jennifer asks a question and gets another answer.


In this clip, we are continuing with our questions, and we hear a voice say "please" and then some indistinguishable words plus a whistle sound.