Old Factory

Investigation #2

Ontario County NY

Investigators on site: Jennifer, Tim, Tracy, Scott and Morgan


This is a repeat investigation for our team. We discovered some paranormal activity here prior so we decided to make a return visit. This visit also yielded some activity, but of a different type. The first time, we got a lot of result using the ITC method, whereas this time around, our results were yielded on the Ovilus and the actual EVP’s.


This first clip was while we were doing a walk through of the old offices. After Tim says the word “office” you will hear someone say “conference”. This someone was not one of us.

This next clip, we were coming off a break (we run audio non-stop, just for this reason). After Tracy says “ankles” you will hear a woman’s voice. We can not discern the words, but it is not any of us.


In this clip, Jennifer was off alone seeking out a man named Paul. You will hear distant voices, which is the team but it seems a man answered her call for Paul with a simple “yep”.



This device works quite mysteriously; we are of a mind that if the word does not make sense to the immediate situation, we disregard it. However, on this night, it was working right in sync with our work, our topics of discussions and what we were directly asking. Here are some examples of this.

A lot of times we can not understand the word said from this device, so we are thankful for the display screen. So if you hear a word, then you hear Jennifer state the word, she is reading it off the screen.

We asked "who was seen in the hall?" This was during an EVP session and we were using our recorders but the Ovilus answered the question instead.


We were getting quite a few repeats of certain words, so we asked if they could put up a whole new word that had not been used yet that evening.


In this next clip, we were discussing why certain words were repeating. Debating the fact that it could possibly just be the energy signature or if it was the emphasis of something we were not understanding.

Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) using the spirit box:

Although this was not the prominent chosen form of communication this time, we did get a few responses using this method.


A voice appears to say "hey"

The answer to the question posed was "look"

This one is labeled as inaudible as it could be a couple different things. But it is agreed that it is a woman's voice.

We do not conclude that this location is actively haunted by any means. However, it is mildly active. Which to us, there is a discernible difference.

Here are some photos we took:

This is where Jennifer saw a figure move past the window when they were walking around the outside of the building. The next photo shows the inside of it and it also shows that it is impossible for a person to be at that level.