Naples Hotel

Naples, New York

April 11, 2012

Investigators on site: Jennifer, Tracy and Tim

Claims of Activity:

We did have a few interesting experiences here, including one session in which something was triggering the REM pod. We even got a few EVPS’s during this encounter.

Here are some of the EVP's we collected:

Voice – we think it might say “Hey Jenn”. This occurred when Jennifer was approaching the REM pod as it was going off.

Unfortunately this clip is very contaminated with voices from downstairs; however we did find an EVP here, which does not fit any of the live human voices. The tone is flat and we have all agreed that it is not a voice from downstairs. It is a woman that says in a quick fashion “I like her”.

Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) using the spirit box:

This one is a "hello" response after we said hello.

There was a lot of shadow movement, both on the first floor in the dining room and on the second floor in the hallway. Nothing that we were able to catch on video however.