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Cohocton Historical Society

June 16th 2012

Investigators on site: Tim and Tracy along with Jane, Rick, Ron, Christine and Samantha as observers

We received an extensive tour and history account by Jane and Rick. We thank you for all the information you gave us that helped us realize the full and vast history of this location.


Time line:



Our team always records everything, including the initial walk through. One reason is so we do not forget any details, and the other is because we very frequently obtain spirit voices during the reviews of historic events and such. We always have more than one recorder rolling, so we can compare anything we find with the other. We found a few interesting spirit voices during our walk through.

These are formatted in such a way so that the entire piece will play and then the area in question will repeat three- four times.

This was obtained in the sick room threshhold. This was not a voice that could be attached to any living person in the room.

There are two areas in this one that are interesting. First there is a sing song voice and then a male giggle.

Here is some of the evidence we obtained:

In this one, there are two women in the room investigating and there is a mention of tuberculosis as a possible illness and there is a whisper of "yes".

In this clip, the question is posed "Do you feel like we are trespassing in your house?" We hear a faint "no".

We also obtained the following on our video footage. We are not classifying this as paranormal, however, it could be. We have never had a malfunction like this on our camera or IR lights before, and this is the only time it happened on this night. We could not replicate this event either.

So the call is yours whether it is paranormal or not, as we can not make a justified conclusion. Watch carefully, as it happens quick; the screen will be totally blacked out for a split second. There was no one on this floor, and there is a wall directly behind where this camera is set up.

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