The Fillmore Hotel

December 7, 2013

Investigators on site: Jennifer, Tracy and Tim

Claims of Activity:

The Fillmore Hotel has a very extensive history. Prior to the existence of the hotel, the Red Tavern was built on that very site in 1838 by Abner Leet and his son Thomas Leet. Through 1846-1850 a band of horse thieves and gamblers operated out of the Red Tavern. Eventually the Red Tavern was moved over to Prospect Street and part of it still remains there today.
The Prospect House was built on the former site of the Red Tavern. In 1905, the railroad house, the post office and the Prospect House were the only places in Fillmore that had electricity.
In 1926, the Prospect House was sold by E.A Brigham to a company of business men. Who in turn, by 1927 merged with the Fillmore Hotel Corporation and opened the Fillmore Hotel which then would include a restaurant on the first floor.
Two major fires destroyed the entire first floor of the Fillmore Hotel, the first being in 1976 and the second in 1982. Each one completely destroyed the dining and bar areas, and each one initiated in the kitchen. The second and third floor remained fully intact with the exception of some electrical repairs from the fire damage.

Here are some of our results from this investigation:

We also experienced one of the client claims; the door opening.

Here is that event from our audio.


We use the Ovilus III on each investigation and although this tool is controversial, we have a lot of relevant results with it. We experience it answering our questions at times. Here is one of those moments:

After this session, we did find the answer of where/how the fire was started. We gathered that information from the history book that was supplied to us...AKA the records.

Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) using the spirit box:

EVP's / Disembodied Sounds

In this clip, we were all in the kitchen and we hear what sounds like the faint sounds of silverware.

In this clip, you will hear muffled voices from downstairs, but there is a very loud bang as if someone ran into a night stand.

This one contains a lot of movement as well; and nothing ever moved on any of our camera's footage which covered the entire 2nd and 3rd floors.

This one is unexplained squeaks...the client's could not identify this sound.



Something dropped - nothing seen on cameras

Another unexplained bang:


Our REM Pod only went off once during this entire investigation.

There were also some personal experiences during this investigation that were not caught on audio or video.


We definitely feel as a group that the Fillmore Hotel is active. We sparked a lot of activity upstairs in the hotel areas when we started discussing the history.
We did debunk a few claims however;

We have been invited back to do another investigation in 2014 and we are so grateful for the invite. This is a very interesting building and the residents seem very interesting as well. We can not wait to investigate further.