(Former) Derby's Grill

Cohocton, NY

Investigated throughout 2015 on repeat visits

Investigators on site: Jennifer, Tracy and Tim

This location was part of an immense project that we did throughout 2015. We investigated historic sites in the town of Cohocton, NY for public presentation at the close of the year.

This location had no real paranormal claims; however it does have a vast history and it full of energy of tragedy past.

This was Derby’s Grill until 1961-ish. The bar and grill closed down after the owner confessed to murdering his wife in the apartment upstairs.
Sometime between then and 1971, the bar changed hands and reopened for a time.

It now stands empty of business functions.

We spent a lot of time investigating here and studying the history. It was not until our last visit there that we were able to obtain the following compelling pieces of evidence.

In this clip, we took a break and while we were on break there was a voice that says "we met before"

(It will loop a few times)


They're coming


Please pray for me


I killed her


It may have taken numerous visits to collect all these pieces, but the message, albeit short, has a huge impact.