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cohocton historical society - findings 2015

Crosby Building

Cohocton NY

T.S Crosby and Son was started in 1862 by T.S. Crosby. It remained in the family for the next two Crosby generations including his son, Charles E. Crosby and then his son, Thomas J. Crosby. This operated as a funeral and a fine furniture business.

We do not usually go investigate a location based on a “check and see” premise. However, this was part of the Cohocton project, and it is steeped in history. Plus it is now used as the Cohocton Historical Society and is home to many artifacts. So the check and see scenario is pretty well justified.


"Turn around"






We're privates" (this one will loop)












We did capture some hammering sounds on our devices, along with some other EVP's that are too faint to play here. We also had instances of being touched while on the second floor.