Commercial Building

Rochester NY

This is a location that will remain un-named since it is an active business. The owner has graciously allowed us to investigate this place several times and we will list our findings as we go along.

Investigators: Tim, Tracy and Jennifer

There have been many claims here over the years, the most prominent ones being feelings of unease and hearing voices from people that just are not there. Many employees have shared these types of experiences.

Things experienced by our group:

The evidence listed here will not be dated, it is just the collection from the several times we have investigated here over the span of 2012 thus far. This is a location that we will frequent here and there.

This EVP is not actually a voice, but a tapping sound that we found interesting to note. We could not figure out what this is, as nothing touched the recorder. This was a static one.


This next one, Tim and Tracy were investigating and they were discussing some of the equipment. After Tim says "right" there is a whisper.


In this clip, we were doing an EVP session in the middle of the shop floor and we all heard the sound of a pallet being dropped onto the floor. When we looked after, there was nothing out of place.


This was a random whisper that was caught on a static recorder.



Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) using the spirit box:

This next clip is during one of our 'spirit box sessions'. We hear a voice either say "Help" or "South". You will hear the raw audio first and then Tracy added a filtered version immediately after so you can hear it better.


This next clip is in the same fashion, the raw audio and then the filtered version right after. The question of "Where are you?" is asked. We hear a response of either "On Earth" or "I'm hurt". Not sure which.


This next one, we hear an answer....we are not totally sure what it EXACTLY says, but it is either "1960" or "I'm sixty" or even both.