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cohocton Development Corporation - findings 2015

Cohocton NY

Claims of Activity:

A group of quilters in the main meeting room heard children running and giggling upstairs – Tom personally checked, heard the same sounds but when he opened the door all sounds suddenly stopped

One day all the chairs downstairs were moved upstairs and placed in an unusual pattern

Lights go on and off and the door shuts and locks

There were some personal experiences that were not caught on audio or video.

One of the nights while we were investigating, two team members were outside while one remained inside. The outside team witnessed some odd moving blue-white lights. Their first reaction was that this was a flashlight by a curious neighbor. Upon investigation, it was noted that the light was moving erratically and then vanished. It wasn’t deemed as paranormal per se. The interesting part was that at the same time, the member inside the building saw seemingly the exact same lights accompanied by some loud thuds and bangs, but on the opposite side of the building where there were no windows. Unexplainable.

Another personal experience was a visual that was described to be seen in the area where the stage used to be. From back in the kitchen area, a black figure was seen moving across the stage area in a very odd movement pattern. The only way to describe it was a stop-action type of movement; Very choppy and unusual. Moved from right to left and vanished.

Tim asked for a knock and then 10 minutes later a knock was recorded upstairs in apparent response












A voice comes through during our conversation and says "what are you talking  about?"