Buffalo Naval Park

August 12, 2011

Ships on site;

USS Little Rock (CL-92, Later CLG-4)

USS Croaker (SS-246, Later SSK-246)

USS The Sullivans (DD-537)


We were fortunate enough to be able to investigate all 3 ships this night. Although it was a quiet evening all around, we did manage to capture one piece of evidence that has the team on the fence as to if it is logical or paranormal.

We are not one to even consider orbs in our evidence, but this one stumps us a little. The reason is...there were no bugs on this ship, neither I nor anyone in my group felt any bugs whatsoever the whole night. The other reason I am on the fence with this piece is that I literally felt a cold spot in the area where the "orb" took off. I have debated with myself numerous times on this and have still not come to a conclusion.

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