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Andover sanitarium

Andover, NY

June 25, 2016

Investigators on site: Jennifer, Tracy and Tim

This site is used for some Halloween-esque attractions every year. There is reported paranormal activity here, which they also use in tandem with their events. They feel the spirits may even be interacting during the events.

Brief history on this location: This home was built in 1876 for Dr. Crandall. A fire broke out before they could move in unfortunately. After it was rebuilt, Hattie Eggleston and her husband purchased it to run a sanitarium during the WWI era. After Mr. Eggleston passed, Hattie turned it into a birthing home.

This site eventually became an apartment building with many different owners. However, it sat empty during most of the 1980’s-1990’s. There used to be a cemetery on the property. It is unknown whether the bodies were moved for construction or if they still reside on site.

During the investigation, many things occurred. We were touched several times; Tracy felt something grab her ankle. Jennifer felt like she backed into someone, only to turn around and there was nothing there, no objects, no wall etc.

Jennifer saw a figure duck through a doorway, like it was moving away from her. She thought it was Tim, until she realized he was in a completely different area.

Spirits seemed to be repeating Tim’s words.

Here are some of the audio clips we obtained;


This clip was obtained while outside, you will hear a voice whisper "Hattie".

Come here...what's behind you?

This one is rather interesting. We were placing audio devices around the premises, and this was Tracy placing this one in the basement. You will hear her walking, and towards the end you will hear muffled voices from upstairs (that's us). Listen closely, and you will hear “come here…what’s behind you?”

Breath & Voice

This was caught on a device located on the second floor. You’ll hear us talking as we are passing by and moving to another portion of the house. You’ll hear a distinct breath in the microphone then some unaccounted for voices.


This was also obtained during set up. After Tim says ‘camera’ the first time, you will hear another voice say “camera” right after him.