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1812 Hotel

Sodus, NY

October 1, 2016

Investigators on site: Jennifer, Tracy and Tim

The 1812 hotel is located in Sodus, NY. It was formally known as a night hot spot in this town. The once bar/hotel then turned into a boarding house before it was condemned following a fire.

The hotel was rumored to be paranormally active even before the fire, but since the fire, it seems a little more active.

TWPG was called back to re-investigate. The owner wants to restore the building and potentially create a home for Veterans. They asked for an update on the paranormal activity.

One of the events that happened here was that a man hung himself in the basement. We omitted his name out of respect.

Go See You

This was obtained in the basement.

Unexplained bang

We could not find the source of this.

Are you ok? Yes.

Questioned asked on the 3rd floor - answer obtained on the 2nd floor.

An odd inhale?

We heard this at the time and concluded it was inside.

SLS X-cam footage