The Wayland Paranormal Group is located in Steuben County, New York. TWPG was established in 2007, in order to research and investigate paranormal activity. TWPG takes the approach that in order to deem anything as actual paranormal activity; we must eliminate all other logical and/or natural explanations. TWPG has developed policies and procedures that continuously progress as new knowledge and techniques are discovered. We work simultaneously to find alternative explanations at the same time that we seek spirit communication. We feel that there is usually a mixture of both at play. All of our cases have a high level of confidentially attached with them. And there are several cases that are not publicized based on request.

Our foundation is not only investigating, but also researching for the most up to date information in regard to current theories and/or natural occurring phenomena that can be used to correctly diagnose the situation. We want to help people who believe that they are having paranormal issues and do not know where to turn…or just want validation either way.

Our goals are not only to help the clients, but also to retrieve answers for ourselves and other groups out there like us. We perform free investigations for the convenience of the client.

We prefer and mainly do night investigations, but we also offer day investigations as well. We do not believe that there is that much of a difference. The convenience and ease to the client is the biggest aspect.

We would like to thank all of the people who have shown interest in becoming members of Wayland Paranormal. However, at this time we are not accepting any new members.